'You can't do that': Company says no overtime, tanker driver threatens to abandon full load on side of road


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Sometimes dealing with management is like dealing with a toddler: You can't just tell them their ideas are bad; you need to apply a negative stimulus — resulting from the idea itself — that shows them why their idea is bad. Trying to simply explain something to either a toddler or a manager is going to get you nowhere — and probably trigger an emotionally deregulated tantrum.

That's what this tanker driver decided to do when their manager flat out told them that they weren't going to be paid for the overtime they had already worked. Other than being downright illegal, this stupid directive also presented some clear operational issues. What was the driver to do when they were still in the middle of delivery and also at the end of their scheduled shift? The meeker among us would have probably just worked that time for free and hoped for the best, but this tanker driver took a bolder stance, threatening to leave the full tanker on the side of the road overnight. Have you ever smelt a jug of milk in the morning that was carelessly left out of the fridge overnight? It's hard to imagine what a full tanker of the stuff would smell like without refrigerant systems operating.

What happened next? Well, keep scrolling to read the original story below, as told by Redditor u/littlewasknown. For more, check out this obstinate customer who demanded chicken wings in their calzone; the worker was fired after they complied with their demand.