Wife Backs Out of Family Christmas Dinner After Deluded MIL Rejected Her ‘Dessert Sample’, Idiotic Husband Calls Wife Unreasonable


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Christmas is not far away, and with that being said, it's not surprising that Reddit is filling up with some holiday horror stories. Still, this one has got our jaws on the floor. How daft and inconsiderate does one have to be to adhere to a sick tradition, such as this one? Needless to say, Redditers were appalled when a man uploaded a post to the AITA subreddit, genuinely asking if he was in the wrong for getting mad at his wife in a rotten situation. 

The case goes as follows: His mother-in-law asked all the women (Are the men incapable of cooking?) in the family to send 'samples' of the desserts they were planning on bringing to Christmas dinner. These poor women then wait for the results, as if it were a cooking challenge, and then she lets them know if they made the 'pass' to be on the food menu. Shocked? Same.

The man who uploaded the post said that his wife had been complaining about this (stupid) tradition and that she thought that his mother was deliberately rejecting every dessert sample she sent — because this is apparently not the first time. His mother does this for all holidays. Boy is there a lot to unpack here. Drama obviously ensues, and it's incredibly entertaining, even though it's also kind of sad. Scroll down to read about this crazy mess of a situation.