Week to Week News Quiz for 1/30/15

Stupid Criminals

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There's more to this week than preparing for a big football game, as our latest Week to Week news quiz shows.

Here are some random but real hints: In or out; not lovin' it; take a victory lap; and so does 100 percent of wildlife. Answers are below the quiz.

1. Why is Secretary of State John Kerry in trouble with the law?
a. He has failed to report private income on his taxes for the past three years
b. He once shot a man just to watch him die
c. He got into an altercation with a protestor during lunch at Washington, D.C.'s posh Makoto Restaurant
d. He was fined for failing to shovel snow outside his house

2. What did former Massachusetts governor and two-time presidential candidate Mitt Romney tell supporters on Friday?
a. He is running for Massachusetts governor in 2018
b. He is running for president in 2016
c. He is not running for president in 2016
d. He is endorsing Hillary Clinton in 2016

3. Who is Don Thompson and what did he just do?
a. He's the CEO of McDonald's Corp. who just resigned
b. He's President Obama's nominee to be attorney general who was caught in an FBI corruption sting
c. He was slated to direct the first direct-to-video Star Wars sequel but gave it up following threats from ISIS
d. He is the new U.S. ambassador to Japan

4. What immigration change has been approved by Portugal's government?
a. It has limited immigration to people who already speak fluent Portuguese
b. It is granting citizenship to descendants of Jews expelled from the country in the 15th century
c. No one can become a citizen unless they can name the years the country won the World Cup
d. It will not allow more than 500 Germans to become Portuguese citizens each year

5. A gas truck exploded outside of a maternity hospital where?
a. Moscow
b. Mexico City
c. Dubai
d. Tel Aviv

6. Who will get "added security" this Sunday?
a. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who will be attending Super Bowl XLIX
b. Rev. Franklin Graham, who will be leading a March for Prayer through New York City
c. The Super Bowl footballs
d. Newly released former ISIS hostage Bernadette Corliadge, who returns to her Pentagon post this weekend

7. What advice did Vice President Joe Biden have for his fellow Democrats?
a. They should take credit for the strengthening economy
b. Head for the hills
c. Stop Hillary
d. Don't talk about Obamacare to constituents

8. Stock prices of Greek banks lost about half of their value this week following what event?
a. The election victory by the left-wing Syriza Party
b. Greece's parliament voted to nationalize its financial system
c. Russian President Vladimir Putin made a deal for Greece to switch from the European Union to the Eurasian Union
d. Greece pulled out of the eurozone

9. Who claimed responsibility for a series of attacks in Egypt that killed at least 27 people?
a. Muslim Brotherhood
b. Iran
c. Hezbollah

10. In a new poll, what did two-thirds of Americans support?
a. Fighting climate change
b. Banning same-sex marriage
c. War with Iran
d. Taking away the NFL's tax-exempt status

BONUS. What got a Boynton Beach, Florida, man arrested?
a. He tried to sell cocaine to the city's mayor at a public event
b. He refused to paint his lawn ornaments the required colors
c. He refused to stop blogging about the crimes of city officials in his Boynton Beach Bums blog
d. He entered a police station and said to an officer, "Hey, let me use your gun" so he could "take care of" someone who robbed him; he then demanded the gun of a second officer

Want the live news quiz experience? Join us Tuesday, February 17 in downtown San Francisco for our next live Week to Week political roundtable with a news quiz and a social hour at The Commonwealth Club of California. Panelists include Carla Marinucci, Debra J. Saunders, and Bill Whalen.

1) d.
2) c.
3) a.
4) b.
5) b.
6) c.
7) a.
8) a.
9) d.
10) a.

Explanations of the hints: In or out: Romney finally brought to an end his flirtation with another presidential campaign; not lovin' it: McDonald's got itself a new CEO; take a victory lap: after at least one Republican leader claimed responsibility for his party for the economic uptick, Biden says his party deserves the credit; and so does 100 percent of wildlife: the majority supports action on climate change.