'This is a mandatory family contribution!': Demanding family member tells guests to buy their own expensive Thanksgiving chair AND cover food costs


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    The OP, u/DeMorehead, explained the situation - and their massive money contributions already going toward the meal

    Font - r/mildlyinfuriating Posted by u/DeMorehead 16 hours ago Family member wants everyone to buy a $30 chair to have a seat at Thanksgiving. It's "mandatory but will "be available to all." We're already contributing over $200 for food and drinks. Some people don't even have jobs. Don't offer to host if you need people to buy chairs to have a place to sit!
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    'This is a mandatory family contribution,' writes the family member (presumably in a group chat)

    Black - Hey guys! Looking for some family jubilation and participation! We need a nice set of folding chairs, that will be available to all. Its a "family event" contribution* for years to come idea, btw) These are the chairs, above. $30 each. Thinking we should start with 8 or 12. *This is a mandatory family contribution! Shop Now Member's Mark Superior Comfort Commercial Fabric Folding Chair with Scotchgard Protector, Gray Item # 980232630 | Model # 60976GRY10 ✰✰✰✰✰ 159 Shop Now Member's Mark
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    Commenters shared their own thoughts and workaround ideas, like building your own chair, for example

    Smile - Creative_Elk_4712 +2.4 hr. ago Cheaper to take some wood and make chairs, would be an awesome idea for a festivity and those would be more original
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    Others suggested borrowing some seats from neighbors or local halls

    Rectangle - Unlikely-Outcome-394 +3 2 hr. ago borrow folding chairs at your local K of C hall or a legion hall in your town.....the village hall may let you borrow a few....ask a neighbor for there folding chairs and bring them back when you are done...PROBLEM SOLVED...
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    Font - oregonbunny +1 56 min. ago What's wrong with the floor or standing. It should definitely be BYOC.
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    Or, OP could switch it up and host their own meal

    Font - Drew_P_Nuts +1.2 hr. ago I wouldn't go. Offer to host without costs
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    Font - Fall_Extra 12 hr. ago I may get downvoted into oblivion and that's fine with me lol but I think this is a great idea for large families who get together often. I definitely don't agree with it being mandatory, though, and you can find them much cheaper elsewhere. -3 Reply Share Specific_Main3824 +1 12 hr. ago I think it's a decent idea too, not a bad price to pay for a good meal.
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    Font - Disastrous-Purpose-8 Tell them you'll bring your own +3 16 hr. ago
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    Rectangle - thescrounger . 2 hr. ago I can just see this Karen shaking down a five-year old. "Where's my $30, Johnny!? You can eat standing up in the bathroom!"
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    I'm surprised this family wouldn't just have people stand around or sit on the front steps or something

    Font - BigTrouble 781547 Or decline invitation Vote +1. 1 hr. ago Reply Share dobiemomluv +1 49 min. ago . That's what we do if we don't think we'll have enough chairs.
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    Oh yes, you can also *rent chairs* just for events like this

    Font - +1.16 hr. ago AdvisorSame5543 +1 Wow. They do know you can rent chairs right? Or ask family members that might have folding chairs to bring them along right? I'd nope right on out of a mandatory add on like this. Sounds like your family doesn't quite get the concept of hosting.
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    Smile - swifty84 16 hr. ago What the ? I'd go to a dollar general and get a clearance Beach Chair just to annoy them.
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    Product - +2 13 hr. ago I don't think your family member knows what "mandatory" means, they literally can't force you to pay for one frozenmoose55 7 Reply Share
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    Smile - mjinwi +1 13 hr. ago . Congratulations, you found your excuse for skipping it. I'm not buying a chair so Peace out, ill catch you guys for Christmas
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    This would be the breaking point for a lot of commenters

    Font - ackcook Hard stop not going. 16 nr. ago 4 Reply Share
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    Font - Frequent_Wear_5631 +1 13 hr. ago . Mandatory Imao. Sounds like someone works in middle management. Stay home and make pasta. sounds like you'd have a better time. 4 Reply Share derek139 +3 16 hr. ago There's a simple solution to this dilemma... don't go.
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    Human body - Paleontologist No3610 +1 16 hr. ago That's stupid how about everybody just bring a chair
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    Font - Ok_Draft7792 +2 15 hr. ago Party rental supply
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    Lots of good suggestions here!

    Font - · 13 hr. ago Have y'all not heard of the goodwill? Like wtf? Cool-Trick388 2 Reply Share ... Miss Frijole +1. 13 hr. ago Ikea sells folding chairs for $7.
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    Good point - does the family member plan on hoarding all these chairs for future events?!

    Mammal - DarkHuntress89 +1.4 hr. ago Why, when I read between the lines, does it sound like "You guys buy the chairs and I'm keeping them"? Maybe I just lost too much faith in humanity at this point.
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    Font - · 2 hr. ago I thought it was saying that these chairs could then be easily transported and used for all future family gatherings, which doesn't sound unreasonable. Dottsterisk However, demanding it as mandatory spending, as opposed to pitching it as a possible good idea to discuss, is an asshole move.
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    Rectangle - oftendreamoftrains 3 hr. ago F that. Wait, you're already contributing over $200 for food and drinks? I'd take that $200 and host my own, competing Thanksgiving for anyone who didn't want to buy a chair. Especially invite all the family who don't have jobs.
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    It's all in the phrasing...I think it would have gone over better if the person had asked nicely and not been demanding

    Rectangle - Altruistic_Kick2068 +1 -2 hr. ago How are you gonna host something then ask for money to host it audacity some people have the
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    Font - ElectronicAmphibian7 16 hr. ago I would only be ok if these were to be used for all family events at any location. If they want chairs for their house they gotta buy them. I might also be ok with putting a couple dollars down to rent some chairs though. Otherwise I have chairs at home. 5 Reply Share Dottsterisk 2 hr. ago That's how I read the text. It pretty explicitly says that it would be a contribution to future family events as well.
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    Font - mcshadypants +3 14 hr. ago Wtf haha id tell them youre having at your place. Everyone else is free but they have to contribute whatever they are trying to make you pay 1 Reply Share lurker2487 13 hr. ago Find a garage sale nearby and pick up a chair for $2. But yea, this should not be normal behavior (unless this is but a glimpse into what is normal behavior for your family).
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    It's true...this isn't in the spirit of Thanksgiving at all

    Font - rainycatdays +19 hr. ago That's not in the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving spirit...everyone should bring a random one and somebody has the one broken chair that always folds up.
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