'The incompetence MUST STOP!': GM writes insane email to management team


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I wonder how much time this GM spent bolding and italicizing their email… — perhaps that time would have been better served taking a management or communications course instead.

One can't help but wonder how someone like this would end up in their position in the first place; it's almost as if they are a living, breathing personification of the Peter Principle. Well, it's hard to imagine that this GM would have ever been good enough at management or communication to rise above a base-level management position in the first place… So perhaps this is just another case of nepotism. They would either have to know or be related to an owner or someone in a higher-up position to end up as GM.

The screenshots of this email were shared to Reddit's r/antiwork subreddit this week by the wife of one of the managers who received the email. She expanded on the situation in the comments, providing more context to the situation.

Keep reading for the images and screenshots, with the clarifying comment just afterward.

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OP had this to add in the comments to provide more context to the situation: