'The design is very human': 20 truly unique inventions that could only exist in a parallel universe


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    This mouse-trap style device ensures your shoes will never be scuffed again (without an apology, anyway)

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    Does...does the log have seasoning on it? Someone purchase this and report back with a taste test

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    Carry all your grill ingredients at once to become the head chef of any cookout

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    For those who hit the alarm over and over, get this bed to literally throw you to your feet. Rise and shine!

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    The standing desk trend has come full circle

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    These metal (!) high heels connected to a pressurizer can turn into flats for rough terrain

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  • 7

    In order to avoid unwanted bathroom smells, let this brutalist potty lift you up up and away

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    Tired of falling out of bed? The solution is to be slid into this cozy [possibly inescapable] metal box. Very human!

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    It's hard to get salsa back in the container after you're done eating, but with this bowl, you can let gravity put the salsa back

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  • 10

    Imagine typing an essay on this larger-than-life keyboard

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  • 11

    This creator made a coin purse out of a dino toy

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  • 12

    This bike seat has spikes to prevent theft, and also contains hot coals so you can cook on it or warm (read: roast) your tush as you pedal

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    Wear this aluminum box to protect yourself turtle-shell-style from any enemies

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  • 14

    A hand crank powered guitar, so you still have to play with two hands, but you don't have to strum

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  • 15

    For the ice cream aficionado on the go, bring these DIY sprinkle capsules along

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  • 16

    You have to love hot sauce VERY MUCH to buy this squeeze roller

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    This dude added moving eyeballs to his VR set so that he won't have to break eye contact with others

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  • 18

    A thumbrella for those rainy days when you only care if your phone gets wet and not the entire rest of your body

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  • 19

    Wheelchair users who are able to pedal around might actually love this wheelchair that can go forward and back up

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  • 20

    Hate cheesy fingers? This bowl with a rotating sponge will keep your fingers free from Cheeto dust

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