'That's $180 of my hard-earned money': Man's car gets towed by company looking to make some extra cash, he settles the score by paying the full amount with one dollar bills


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The twenty-first century is known for its constant stream of technological advancement. The fact that we can now fit everything we need into one technological device—our phones—is one of the biggest shifts in our daily lives.

The story below is an account of an individual who got his car towed for no apparent reason. It is a freezing winter's day when the story begins. OP saw that snow had been piling up all night when he woke up bright and early. After giving it some thought, he decided that there was no point trying to move his car so the plow could pass, and he quickly returned to his morning routine. Put in context, the municipal council usually gives members advance notice when a plow may be expected; therefore, OP believed there would be no need to rush in vain as he had not been notified.

From this point on, the rest of the story is probably predictable… I will not, however, reveal what happens next to you all! Having said that, read the story below to find out how OP was able to settle the score with the tow shop! When you're finished, don't forget to read this story about the boss who makes the team lead convince a highly qualified worker to perform a tedious duty!