'[Our] boss tries to deny having said that': Boss insists meeting is a lunch break, so workers eat their lunch and almost get the boss fired


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A stupid directive necessitates an even stupider response — that's why these employees decided to eat their lunch in the middle of their CEO's annual update when their boss told them the meeting was going to count as their lunch for the day. The boss would soon learn to regret their bold words when their entire team threw them right under the bus as soon as the CEO started asking questions about the buffet that was taking place before their very eyes.

When put to sharp questioning, the boss decided their best move would be to lie their way out of it — a lie which they were soon caught in when their team threw them, yet again, under the freight train of the CEO's rage. If you're looking to get fired from your management job, proving incompetence and duplicity in one fell swoop is a great way to do it.&

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