'Is this written for a fish?': Guy bakes weird 93-year-old water pie recipe


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In this viral video, B. Dylan Hollis tried an especially odd recipe - “Water Pie.”

Hollis seems skeptical about the recipe from the jump. First, he heats up the oven and pops in a pastry crust, to give the water pie a nice flaky shell. 

Hollis adds water right into the freshly baked pie crust. He then adds in sugar and flour, topped off with some chunks of butter. 

Like not mixed in, just butter squares floating on top of a watery base. Yum?

Okay, so after all that baking, let's find out how this unique pie turned out. 

His face says it all… this chef claimed that the pie tasted like lint or a breast implant. 

Not exactly high praise! Who would have thought that a recipe called “water pie” would be outrageously bland? It looks just awful! People in the comments also chimed in with their own thoughts and feelings about the dish. 

Overall, it seems like no one really wants to try this particular entry in the Depression recipe series.

Better luck next time, B. Dylan Hollis

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