Intrusive Thought Actually Making Make Compelling Argument For Taking Clothes Off In Public Park

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CHICAGO—Saying the loud, unwelcome voice in her head had actually made some very good points about just doing it already, local woman Jenny Fabela told reporters Monday that an intrusive thought laid out a very compelling argument for taking her clothes off in a public park. “You know, at first, I wasn’t on board, but then it started to say some really convincing stuff about how there was nothing stopping me, and that it would be so easy to just unbutton my shirt and take off my pants right here, right now,” said Fabela, adding that the voice had spent all morning building an airtight case, reminding her repeatedly that she wouldn’t be crazy for taking her clothes off, she’d just finally be free. “While I tried to block the voice out, the more I did that, the louder and better its points about me being weak and how I couldn’t resist it forever got. Plus, I gotta say, my brain totally nailed it when it told me to look down because maybe I was already naked. And you know what? I was. Touché, intrusive thought. Touché.” At press time, a nude Fabela added that the intrusive thought had also made a great point about screaming, going buck-naked down a playground gym slide, and then strangling a nearby reporter.