'I see her putting on the tight, less nice dress': Couple gets into argument over dress code for a work event


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Now, all dress codes are dumb, but this guy may have actually been in the right. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/AmITheA**hole subreddit by u/ProfessorBotanist, who shared that he (a Latinx trans male professor) was invited to a work event for the fall quarter and was allowed to bring his fiancé (a cis white woman from a far wealthier background). 

The identities in this story are significant since the Redditor pointed out the various micro-aggressions he experiences at work. You get the sense that this was an important event for him, and an anxiety-inducing one too. Which is why when his fiancé gave him two options for her dress and then refused to listen to his recommendation for the more formal option, he got upset. It's his event after all, and there's already a lot of baggage attached to it. He doesn't need her to make things more uncomfortable for him as well Sometimes, being a good partner actually does mean sucking it up and just being supportive. Who knew?!

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