‘I don’t want to be responsible for a brain injury': Avid skier snubs his reckless cousin after they neglect basic safety measures


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It's snow season again and you know what that means– city slickers wearing jeans on the lift, clogging up the bunny slopes, and tearing apart the moguls. For an avid skier or snowboarder, there's always a love-hate relationship with the newbies. While we're happy that others are interested in a snow sport, it can get a little dangerous on the mountain when the new kids on the block are trying to get Insta-famous and spiraling out of control. 

Newsflash to everyone out there this season– the least you can do is wear a helmet. 

Inevitably, there are always crashes on the slopes, but when you've got precious cargo in your dome, that needs to be the priority when it comes to self-protection. However, in our next story, an avid skier was faced with the difficult decision of accompanying a novice on the slopes, even when they refused to wear a helmet. Scroll onward to read the satisfyingly stubborn account of how one man refused to cut corners just so that his San Diego-native cousin could have a nice hairdo.

"I'd rather be alive and uncool"