‘He’s coming with us': Woman demands friends leave their toddler at home after organizing a vacation together, leading to a dispute


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Some people really don't like kids.

For instance, this person, who OP calls Zoe. She disliked kids so much that she would avoid them at all costs. That became impossible after OP and her friends (which included Zoe) organized a trip together to meet another friend 2 States away. At first, it seemed like OP wouldn't need to take their toddler with them, but as time went on and a few complicated situations arose, they realized that they didn't have a choice. Look, if you've got a kid, and the trip is 2 days from now and your babysitter says 'Nah', what are you going to do? You can't leave food in a bowl or leave the kid to fend for itself… It's a human child. Scroll down to read how it all played out, and then when you are done reading, check out this hotel guest who demanded one of the employees be fired after he was put on hold for too long.