'He set me up': Recruiter informs employee's boss they're planning to quit after dazzling them with 300k position


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Recruiters are infamous for playing games, not following up, and outright ghosting you. Sometimes you feel like you have no choice but to work with them… Searching for a job on your own is no easy feat. And with the costs of inflation and the lack of transparency regarding salaries in job postings, it can be helpful to have someone 'on your side'.

It's always a nightmare to search for a job, especially in today's market, but unfortunately, recruiters aren't always 'on your side', and they oftentimes make the process worse. A great example would be this story told by OP, an employee who was more than happy with their job until a recruiter called them with an offer they couldn't resist. Unprompted, I might add. The recruiter dazzled OP with a golden ticket… a 300-400k position! The only catch was the job opening was in Dallas, while OP was living in Georgia. But hey, for 300k, who wouldn't make that move?

So OP sent the recruiter their resume, and that is when things went south, fast. Next, check out this manager who refused to fire an employee after a guest demanded they do so.