Funniest Braindead Memes for People Who Feel a Little Dumb Sometimes


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Have you ever felt like your brain is running on Internet Explorer instead of Google Chrome? You're not alone. Sometimes, especially when life is overwhelming and overstimulating (aka all the time), it's hard to boot up the ol' grey matter in your dome to solve simple problems or answer intermediate questions. The yes or no response is more complicated than it sounds, okay

It's not that you're hard of hearing or anything, you're just a little slow today and you need people to repeat themselves after explaining any task. It's a good thing you're no longer at the age where you're constantly taking standardized tests because if you used your current brain to solve Algebra 2 word questions, you would probably fail. Being an adult poses a lot of other uses for the brain, so sometimes old information just gets kicked out. For example, if you meet someone and they tell you their name, that's extraneous information that definitely won't be there tomorrow. So you're not dumb, your brain is just TOO full.