'Don't ruin it like everything else in your life': 20+ relatable fails for self-deprecating "adults"


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It's hard being a horrible adult. Trust me. We understand and know this experience all too well. You have a long-running list of all the things you need to do to get your act together, but also Netflix is right there. And also your bed is so comfy. And also why make your own coffee when you can spend $8 on a latte at the overpriced café around the corner, which also charges $2 extra for oat milk, and - let's be honest - you're probably also going to get a pastry too. We may not ever make it to that list, but instead, we did waste our valuable time compiling another list: one full of relatable, self-deprecating content as an olive branch to you, dear reader, who we hope also feels like trash 99.9% of the time. Keep scrolling below to have a look for yourself. For more, check out this batch of coworker memes!