‘DO NOT use this company!!!!’: Karen inputs wrong address for flower delivery, blames company for the mistake, owner claps back


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Who hasn't come across an entitled Karen who seems to blame everyone else for their mistakes? Sure, this flower company should have delivered Karen's order much sooner, but perhaps all of that could have been prevented if Karen had inputted the correct address on the order in the first place. No matter how hard she tries, and you will see that she did try, Karen has no one to blame for that egregious error but herself.

This thread was posted to Reddit's r/F***YouKaren subreddit and includes the full email exchange between the customer and the owner, who refused to give in. In fact, it continues to baffle us here at FAIL Blog when customers try to hide their clear mistakes and who expect no one to call them out on those mistakes when they make public complaints. Keep scrolling below for the full play-by-play. For more stories like this, check out this post about a coworker who refused to take her own calls and the malicious compliance that subsequently ensued.