Chiefs Pour Vat Of Hot Fryer Grease Over Andy Reid

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LAS VEGAS—Following a longstanding team tradition, members of the Kansas City Chiefs celebrated their Super Bowl LVIII win Sunday by pouring a vat of hot fryer grease over head coach Andy Reid. Sources confirmed that Reid, who has now led the Chiefs to three championships, smiled wide and feigned surprise as the players hoisted up a 40-pound-capacity commercial deep fryer that had been heating to 400 degrees over the course of the game and laughed in jubilant celebration as the scalding oil spilled over their coach, blistering his skin into a crunchy golden brown coating. Several reports indicated that the players then lifted their extra crispy coach onto their shoulders and paraded him to the concession stand to find some dipping sauce. At press time, Reid reported that he should have seen this coming after the team had painted him with an egg wash and rolled him around in a mound of panko.