'Calm down, Karen': Parent defends her toddler from teens filming videos in public


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Privacy is important to this mom, but some teens called her out for her decision. So she headed to r/AmItheA**hole to ask the internet: was she really being a Karen?

In today's modern world of constant social media access, there's not much privacy to be found. People love to create videos of themselves dancing and participating in trends, while others simply record their daily lives every day. Some folks are so ingrained in the social media world that they forget they can't just go around recording people without permission. If you're filming a dance with your friends out in the open, and you record strangers in the background, that's kind of unavoidable. But this mom had to defend her child from being recorded intentionally by a group of teens. These teens probably meant no harm, but they still have a lot of learning to do!

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