Bossy Co-worker Screws Himself Out of a Promotion, Woman Gets Revenge Without Even Trying


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Sometimes when people try to screw you over, karma shows up unexpectedly at their door and demands immediate retribution. Upon scouring the subreddit 'Malicious Compliance', we happened on such a story. The user tippytoemaster wrote a post talking about a time when she was working at a data entry job that she was very talented at. She was doing so well that she was getting more and more professional responsibilities… and that is where her coworker Trevor enters the equation. The more she excelled, the more he began to undermine her.

There's always gonna be someone who isn't happy with how well you're doing… You can work as hard as humanely possible and be the best at your job, and some people are going to get very jealous. The higher you go up, the more people wish for your demise. At times, there really isn't much you can do about it… So occasionally, you gotta play the game. Tippytoemaster was smart enough to do exactly that and decided, simply, to maliciously comply. Scroll below to see how that turned out for Trevor. We bet he learned his lesson.