Absolutely Tragic Turkey Fails That Are So Terrible That They'll Make You Go Vegan on Thanksgiving (November 23, 2022)


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The most beautiful thing about Thanksgiving is that your whole family can come together, cook some delicious food, and avoid no-no topics like politics and which football team they think should win the Super Bowl. In some families, the yearly practice of cooking a 25lbs bird and eating dinner at 2pm is a longstanding tradition that has held true over the ages. The turkey is king on Thanksgiving day. However, if you've ever attempted to cook your own turkey, it's clear that there are some logistical problems that are tough to solve. Turkeys are giant, cumbersome birds and required lots of cook time, while also requiring a keen eye to not over do it. It's a delicate process. Some people screwed up the turkey so bad on Thanksgiving that they were absolutely disowned from their family afterwards in a flurry of shame. 

Here are the top turkey fails of 2022 that probably mades some people give up the bird altogether. 

Call the fire department

For some people, deep frying a turkey in an enormous vat of oil is a classic. The skin gets crispy, the bird cooks in record time, and it's a spectacle for the whole family to watch. This poor chef made some crucial mistakes that might cost them a few layers of their epidermis. Third degree burns are no joke, but this guy really made a mess of his shed, house, and dignity.

The Turkey Drop

Ahhh, the moment the house starts smelling like fall spices and cooked poultry, you know that hours of labor are about to pay off. The bird is cooked and ready to consume. Well, there's one last obstacle to overcome, which can be a bit of a back breaker: taking the scalding hot turkey out of the oven and onto your plate. One turkey chef got the drop on him and fumbled in the last quarter of the game, earning him our #2 spot on the turkey fails list.

The Bloody Uncooked Bird 

Like I said before, it takes ages to cook a turkey. So what happens when it's not quite ready? Salmonella for the whole family.

Carcinogenic poultry

If you think under-doing it is bad, imagine over-doing it. A deep fried turkey that blackened to a crisp can't have any nutritional value left to it. 

Last to cross the finish line

Imagine waiting 3 hour for your turkey to cook in the oven. Everything is timed perfectly with the potatoes, mac, and green beans on the table and all that's missing is the turkey. You go to open your oven to check on it and realize you never turned the dang thing on! Well, if it's already 8pm I guess we're just eating sides.

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